conceptual site design, 2011 to 2012
collaboration with BLDGS architects
atlanta, georgia
Located in the heart of the Georgia Tech campus, the Ferst Center for the Arts reliably offers concerts, lectures, dance, film, theater and other events to the student body as well as the surrounding Atlanta community. Unfortunately, many of these events go unnoticed due to the current architectural and landscape condition of the facility. Between the impenetrable brick facade and dense gaggle of plants, the Ferst Center for the Arts is truly hidden in plain sight.
This proposal lifts the veil of the building and intermingles the interior with the exterior, allowing the countless students walking by to see and experience the activities of the Center while also allowing the Arts to permeate the landscape. The implications of this approach extend well beyond the building envelope. Rather than the landscape simply being understood as the backdrop for human performances or sculptural artwork, the plants, rainfall, and ecologies of the campus are reimagined as actors playing out daily performances.
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