previous experience
while at D.I.R.T. studio
site regeneration + landscape design, 2006-2007
new orleans, louisiana
The Holy Cross Project, led by Global Green USA, transforms a former ship-building yard in the Lower Ninth Ward along the Mississippi River levee into a mixed use development that demonstrates and advances sustainable practices. The central path through the site, affectionately christened the 'educational transect,' annotates for the public the innovative practices employed throughout the project. Stormwater is filtered and infiltrated within the heart of the neighborhood as a industrial-scaled patch of native grasses and wildflowers acts as an urban sponge. Neighbors are able to safely witness the remediation of soil contaminants in the regeneration fields near the community terrace.

[David Hill served as project manager for the Holy Cross Project while at D.I.R.T. studio.]
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clients + collaborators:
global green usa; workshop apd architects; john williams architects; julien engineering; LEAAF environmental engineers.
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