previous experience
while at D.I.R.T. studio
site + pocket park design, 2007 to 2009
milwaukee, wisconsin
The Brewery redevelopment captures the working spirit brewed at the Pabst complex since 1844. Using a design palette of materials salvaged from the site, a rugged landscape armature was inserted within the building fabric. Industrial treerows and bioswales line the streets to filter and absorb stormwater while providing summer shade to west facing facades. Historic alleys, which were the lifeblood for the daily brewery operations, are reinstated as energetic pedestrian thoroughfares through the monolithic building blocks. Pocket parks occupy the voids where buildings once stood.

The new neighborhood was inaugurated with Zilber Park, dedicated to an icon of Milwaukee’s cultural history. What was once a void between buildings, the site of Zilber park is reimagined as an urban sponge, collecting stormwater from nearby rooftops and parking lots. With an industrial-scaled gabion wall as a backdrop, maple and serviceberry trees dance above concrete benches, providing shaded places to gather during the warm season. As old man winter arrives in Milwaukee, the gabion wall transforms into an ice sculpture while the concrete benches provide the groundplane with sculptural relief below the ever present blanket of snow.

[David Hill served as project manager for the Historic Pabst Brewery and Zilber Park while at D.I.R.T. studio.]
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clients + collaborators:
zilber ltd.; towne investments; KM development group; kapur + associates engineers; a+o engineers
2013 ASLA Wisconsin Award of Honor in Design
2010 Mayor's Design Award, Milwaukee
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