HILLWORKS recognizes that we live in a dynamic world. This place is messy, complex, ever-changing… and we love it. We are a small yet agile design studio obsessed with the regenerative power of the landscape. Captivated with natural and cultural histories of every place, we strive to unearth the stories each site has to offer. Our approach to design begins by uncovering, revealing, and curating qualities already extant in the landscape.

HILLWORKS oscillates between the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture. Grounded in the culture of the Deep South, we revel in the Southern spirit of craft, thrift, and resourcefulness. We intentionally explore urban regeneration and novel ecologies through the lens of adaptive reuse, surgical insertion, and creative repair.

HILLWORKS benefits from the rich interaction between design exploration of practice and scholarly research of the university. With one foot in academia and one foot in practice, founding principal David Hill serves as an Associate Professor in the Graduate Program of Landscape Architecture at Auburn University. We not only advance disciplinary research through project development, but also through the trenches of academic investigation.

HILLWORKS projects have been presented nationally and internationally at conferences, symposia, and universities and published in rags like Dwell, ReModeling, Society South, and Builder. The work has received regional and national design awards in architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, and interiors.

H I L L W O R K S : landscape + architecture
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