material reuse + site design, 2011 to 2012
collaboration with kapur & associates
historic pabst brewery, milwaukee, wisconsin
Since 1844, the landscape of the Pabst Brewery bubbled with activity as a tireless workforce concocted gallons upon gallons of the world famous Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. After Pabst left Milwaukee in 1996, the historic complex remained in decline until Joseph Zilber initiated the arduous recovery of the property around 2006. Bit by bit, each project attempts to restore the industrial pride and heritage of the site. [To see prior design work within the Historic Pabst Brewery, visit the previous experience section.] The former Manufacturing & Cold Storage Building (affectionately known as 'building 7') was recently adopted as the home of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health.
A new workforce of students, faculty, and staff of the School of Public Health now populate the once decrepit landscape. The industrial network of alleys and workyards are re-employed as pedestrian paths and terraces of productivity. This recalibrated site is designed with an industrial thrift inherited from the historic Pabst complex. Terraces at once act as gathering spaces, accessible routes, solitary retreats, urban lungs, and stormwater sponges. Within each terrace, reclaimed concrete chunks are salvaged from the site and are scattered within a mosaic of wooly grasses and high canopy trees, providing pockets of shaded seating.
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2013 LEED Gold Certification, USGBC
2013 Mayor's Design Award, Milwaukee
2013 Business Journal's Real Estate Award
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